As a crucial component of your home, garage doors offer convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal. However, they can also pose significant safety risks if not properly maintained or used. At Advance Garage Doors, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients. In this blog post, we share essential garage door safety tips that every homeowner should know to ensure the well-being of their families and the longevity of their garage doors.

Regularly Inspect Your Garage Door

One of the most straightforward ways to maintain garage door safety is through regular inspections. Look for signs of wear and tear on cables, springs, rollers, and other hardware. Pay attention to any unusual noises or jerky movements when the door operates, as these can indicate underlying issues that need immediate attention.

Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

Modern garage door openers are equipped with auto-reverse technology that forces the door to reverse if it encounters an obstruction while closing. Test this feature monthly by placing a block of wood or a similar object in the door’s path. If the door does not automatically reverse upon contact, it’s time to call a professional for a thorough inspection and possible repair.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

Educate your children about garage door safety. Make sure they understand that garage doors are not toys and should not be played with. Keep remote controls and wall switches out of reach of young children and monitor pets closely when the door is in operation to prevent accidents.

Secure the Garage Door Opener

Treat your garage door opener like a key to your home. Never leave it in your vehicle if parked outside, as it can provide an easy access point for intruders. Consider using a mini remote control that attaches to your keychain to ensure it stays with you.

Replace Old Springs

Garage door springs are under high tension and can wear out over time, posing a risk of injury if they snap. It’s crucial to have worn springs replaced by a professional. If you’re in need of garage door spring repairs in Fayetteville, NC, our team at Advance Garage Doors is ready to assist with expert service.

Install a Garage Door Timer

A garage door timer can automatically close your door if left open for a predetermined amount of time. This is particularly useful for those times you might forget to close it yourself, enhancing both security and safety.

Perform a Balance Test

An unbalanced garage door can be dangerous and lead to unnecessary strain on the door opener. Disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle (usually a red cord) and manually lift the door halfway. If it doesn’t stay put, the springs might be unbalanced, requiring professional adjustment.

Use Quality Replacement Parts

When repairs are necessary, ensure that high-quality, compatible parts are used. Using the wrong type of spring or a poorly made component can lead to further issues and potential safety hazards.

Educate Yourself and Your Family

Understanding how your garage door system works and what safety features are included can significantly enhance safety. Regularly review the operation manual and safety tips with your family members.

Seek Professional Help for Repairs and Maintenance

Garage door maintenance and repairs should not be a DIY project for most homeowners. The complexity and potential danger of working with heavy doors and high-tension springs necessitate professional expertise. For garage door repairs in Fayetteville, NC, trust the experts at Advance Garage Doors to provide safe, reliable, and efficient service.

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